At Williams-Keepers, we know it all starts with our team. Every individual on our team is committed to helping our clients successfully navigate today’s complex financial world.

We are dedicated to “being there” for our clients and each other and we do everything within our capacity to make their lives and businesses more successful. We are focused on anticipating their needs and being an invaluable resource to the success of their businesses and careers.


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Heidi A. Chick, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Heidi A. Chick, CPA


Jon C. Class, CPA

Jeffrey T. Echelmeier, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Jeffrey T. Echelmeier, CPA

Mark E. Gingrich, CPA, J.D. BIO & CONTACT

Mark E. Gingrich, CPA, J.D.

Kathy A. Graessle, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Kathy A. Graessle, CPA

Ryan P. Henry, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Ryan P. Henry, CPA

Jessica M. Lehmen, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Jessica M. Lehmen, CPA

Leslie “Trae” Lorts, CPA, CVA BIO & CONTACT

Leslie “Trae” Lorts, CPA, CVA

Nicholas J. Mestres, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Nicholas J. Mestres, CPA

Jeremy E. Morris, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Jeremy E. Morris, CPA

Troy D. Norton, CPA / ABV BIO & CONTACT

Troy D. Norton, CPA / ABV

John P. Vaclavek, CPA, CFE, CGMA BIO & CONTACT

John P. Vaclavek, CPA, CFE, CGMA

John E. Weaver, CPA BIO & CONTACT

John E. Weaver, CPA

Michael J. Oldelehr, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Michael J. Oldelehr, CPA

Kirk Duncan, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Kirk Duncan, CPA

Rhonda K. Bowne, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Rhonda K. Bowne, CPA

Ashley Fangmann, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Ashley Fangmann, CPA

Debra Harrington, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Debra Harrington, CPA

Lee Merrick, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Lee Merrick, CPA

Amanda M. Schultz, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Amanda M. Schultz, CPA


Nancy Hill, CPA

Sara A. Palmer, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Sara A. Palmer, CPA

Arlys R. Kremer, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Arlys R. Kremer, CPA

Chris Schneider, CPA, CVA BIO & CONTACT

Chris Schneider, CPA, CVA

Diane S. Smith BIO & CONTACT

Diane S. Smith

Jennifer Backes BIO & CONTACT

Jennifer Backes

Shawn Barnes BIO & CONTACT

Shawn Barnes

Beth M. Fitzgerald, SHRM-CP BIO & CONTACT

Beth M. Fitzgerald, SHRM-CP


Ken Lange

Lyle S. Rosburg, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Lyle S. Rosburg, CPA