An accurate assessment of a business’ worth can be an invaluable tool for any business owner.


A business valuation can be used to prepare for a variety of common business transactions and activities, including tax, legal and regulatory uses and financial planning.

Williams-Keepers LLC prepares comprehensive valuations for a variety of businesses, regardless of size or structure. WK helps its clients complete business valuations that meet two criteria. First, each valuation should reach a supportable conclusion of value. Second, the valuation should clearly and convincingly establish how the conclusion was reached.



WK’s business valuations have helped clients faced with challenges presented by:

  • purchasing or selling a business
  • mergers
  • buy/sell agreements
  • divestiture and spin-offs
  • stock options and incentives
  • corporate reorganizations
  • collateral values for loans
  • intangible assets
  • estate and business succession planning


Business valuations can also be a valuable tool for stockowners and investors. A tangible value for a business determines stability when establishing loan values, stock options and incentives and acquisition potential. Knowing the full value of a business also helps to establish intangible values, which can be used as support information for a number of professional investment opportunities.

A valuation professional can be a helpful resource if you ever find yourself involved in business disputes, marital dissolution or other litigation.

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Due to the COVID-19 virus, WK is temporarily closed to the public through Friday, April 24, 2020.

Clients may share information with the firm in the following formats:

1.) use of the firm’s client secure, website based portal and LeapFile system for the delivery of electronic documents; and

2.) delivery to the firm using the United States Postal Service or another commercial delivery service.

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