Preparing Your Business to Prosper Without You: Do You Have a Plan?

If you have thought about leaving your business but don’t know how to begin, you are in good company. Exit Planning is the creation and execution of a strategy allowing owners to exit their businesses on their terms and conditions. It is an established process that creates a written road map, or Exit Plan, involving the efforts of several professionals facilitated and led by an
Exit Planning Advisor who ensures not only the Plan’s creation but also its timely execution.

How Can We Help?

To help you create your Exit Plan, we coordinate your advisors and implement your Plan based on your timetable. As Members of The BEI Network of Exit Planning Professionals™, we know how to guide you to your successful exit. Using a systematic Exit Planning Process developed over the last 25 years, you decide:

• When you wish to leave your business.

• How much cash you need when you exit.

• To whom you want to transfer the business.

Our Exit Planning system is a process, not a product. We aren’t vested in promoting a particular goal. Instead, we work to identify and accomplish your goals. Our system works because it is a customizable process that takes you to the successful exit you desire

To exit successfully, owners need the following three elements:


Exit Planning is a process that helps you choose where you want to go and how to get there.


You must assemble a team of trained and experienced advisors to guide you toward your unique exit goals as you continue to run your company.


Success depends on a disciplined implementation timetable keyed to your Exit Plan. Without advisors experienced in Exit Planning, a written Exit Plan, and implementation timetable, the chances for a successful exit are slim.



Let Williams-Keepers help you plan and achieve your successful business exit.

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