Williams-Keepers LLC’s litigation support specialists can provide testimony as an expert witness in court.


We can testify as to our knowledge of business, accounting, tax and valuation matters. Alternatively, WK professionals can serve as a consultant to you and your attorney by assisting in preparation for cross examination of opposing witnesses.

WK can assist you both in and out of the courtroom in the following areas.

  • Expert testimony
  • Developing case strategy
  • Reviewing and analyzing financial documents and business records and drafting discovery requests
  • Investigating and quantifying financial fraud
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Assistance in developing questions for the examination of witnesses in depositions or cross-examination at trial
  • Quantifying past and future losses and future costs
  • Bankruptcy planning and management
  • Corporate turnaround
  • Business and financial asset valuations

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Why WK?



Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our clients, friends and the communities across the state of Missouri impacted by the storms, tornadoes and flooding that have hit our state.
Our collective resolve will carry us through the coming months as we work to restore what was lost.