Ten auditors earn 2016 promotions

WK chairman Jeff Echelmeier recently announced the following promotions among audit associates, effective January 1, 2016. The promotions are the result of each associate’s development in technical proficiency, client service skills and firm leadership.

Nick Mestres, CPA Amanda Schultz, CPA

Nick Mestres, CPA, and Amanda Schultz, CPA, were promoted to the manager level.

Ashley Ackfeld, CPA Caroline Kobe, CPA Lee Merrick, CPA

Ashley Ackfeld, CPA, Caroline Kobe, CPA, and Lee Merrick, CPA, were promoted to senior II.

Erin Moulton

Erin Moulton was promoted to the senior I level.

Megan Bauer, CPA Ashley Dodson, CPA Laura Hockett, CPA Kyle Menges, CPA

Megan Bauer, CPA, Ashley Dodson, CPA, Laura Hockett, CPA, and Kyle Menges, CPA, were promoted to the staff II level.


CLASS, MORRIS JOIN WK MEMBER GROUP. Williams-Keepers LLC is proud to welcome Jon Class, CPA, and Jeremy Morris, CPA, to the member group. The addition of Class and Morris on January 1 brought the total number of WK members to 16.
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