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Heidi A. Chick, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Heidi A. Chick, CPA

Jeffrey T. Echelmeier, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Jeffrey T. Echelmeier, CPA

Mark E. Gingrich, CPA, J.D. BIO & CONTACT

Mark E. Gingrich, CPA, J.D.

Kathy A. Graessle, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Kathy A. Graessle, CPA

Ryan P. Henry, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Ryan P. Henry, CPA

Jessica M. Lehmen, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Jessica M. Lehmen, CPA

Leslie “Trae” Lorts, CPA, CVA BIO & CONTACT

Leslie “Trae” Lorts, CPA, CVA

Nicholas J. Mestres, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Nicholas J. Mestres, CPA

Troy D. Norton, CPA / ABV BIO & CONTACT

Troy D. Norton, CPA / ABV

John P. Vaclavek, CPA, CFE, CGMA BIO & CONTACT

John P. Vaclavek, CPA, CFE, CGMA

John E. Weaver, CPA BIO & CONTACT

John E. Weaver, CPA

Michael J. Oldelehr, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Michael J. Oldelehr, CPA

Debra Harrington, CPA BIO & CONTACT

Debra Harrington, CPA

Chris Schneider, CPA, CVA BIO & CONTACT

Chris Schneider, CPA, CVA

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of our clients, friends and the communities across the state of Missouri impacted by the storms, tornadoes and flooding that have hit our state.
Our collective resolve will carry us through the coming months as we work to restore what was lost.