Some identity theft victims to receive IP PIN for 2015 returns

Some identity theft victims to receive IP PIN for 2015 returns
The Internal Revenue Service is notifying some victims of tax-related identity theft during the 2014 tax year that they are eligible to apply for a personal identification number for use in filing the 2015 tax return. However, not all victims will be eligible to apply for the PIN.
Editor’s note: This post was updated with new information on February 3, 2016

Last year, victims should have filed Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, notifying the IRS of the tax-related identity theft. The IRS used the information provided on Form 14039 to process the correct 2014 tax return, and they also marked the taxpayer’s account for identity theft protection.

As a result of the IRS identity theft protection on the account, some affected taxpayers will receive an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number, or “IP PIN,” for the 2015 tax year. The IRS is mailing eligible taxpayers a CP01A Notice, which will include the IP PIN. These notices were mailed out in late December 2015, with a letter date of January 4, 2016. If you are assigned an IP PIN by the IRS, please include it with your 2015 tax documents, as this IP PIN will be necessary for your WK advisor to properly file your 2015 income tax return.

If you were a victim of tax-related identify theft last year and were not assigned an IP PIN by the IRS, you will only be eligible to apply for an IP PIN yourself if you receive a letter from the IRS that specifically states you are eligible to apply. Unfortunately at this time, only residents of Georgia, Florida and the District of Columbia are eligible to voluntarily apply for IP PINs.  However, please know that by filing Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, for your 2014 return, the IRS has been notified to mark your account for identity theft protection in 2015 and beyond.

When submitting your 2015 tax information to your WK advisor, please let them know if you have received an IP PIN, a letter indicating you are eligible to apply for an IP PIN, or that you have not received anything. Again, not everyone will receive a letter from the IRS, but please know your account is being monitored by the IRS for fraudulent activity in the future.

Caution: The IRS has indicated they made an error on the IP PIN notices dated January 4, 2016. The notice incorrectly indicates the IP PIN issued is to be used for filing the 2014 tax return, when the number is actually to be used for the 2015 tax return. The IRS emphasizes the IP PIN listed on the CP01A Notice is valid for the 2015 tax returns.

If you have any questions regarding tax-related identity theft or the IP PIN, please contact your WK advisor at (573) 442-6171 or (573) 635-6196.



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